Tracey and Joe Pitman Wedding Ceremony and Reception, October 19, 2013

1-CeremonyCongratulations to Tracey and Joe Pitman on their marriage on Saturday, October 19, 2013.  The ceremony was held in the Degas House Courtyard, and the reception which followed was held in the house and courtyard.  Following the ceremony, John Cea entertained guests on the grand piano.  The beautiful wedding cake, a very unusual one, was set up in the second parlor in front of the fireplace.  Guests enjoyed a photo booth which was set up in the gallery.  Led by the band, the bride, groom, and guests enjoyed a second line around the property, a New Orleans tradition.  The Degas House owner and staff wish to thank Tracey and Joe for choosing Degas House for this most special event in your lives and wish you the best of luck.

2-Sign-in table

3-Picture display



8-Cake 2




10-Photo booth

4-Tracey and Joe

12-Second Line

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