Meg and Jonathan Rhodes Wedding Reception

Congratulations to Meg and Jonathan who were married on Saturday, September 28th.  Degas House was the venue for their reception.  What lovely families!  It was obvious that the bride and groom had their families in mind when they planned their reception.  There were even crayons and activities for the children.  The wedding cake, made by Bittersweet Confectionary, was surrounded by various cupcakes, which the children certainly enjoyed.  T’Monde Cajun Band provided the music for the reception and Flavor Box Catering provided the food.  The favors for the guests were specially designed Mardi Gras cups.  Flowers were provided by Iris Flowers.

1 - Reception Setup 1 2 - Reception 2 3 - Reception 1 4 - Cajun Band 5 - Wedding Cake and Desserts 6 - Wedding Cake 7 - Food 8 - Parlor


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